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Career Basics


The public service has proven that remote work can be just as effective as the traditional workplace. In line with the Beyond2020 initiative, this shift in mindset provides enhanced employment opportunities, as where you work is no longer an obstacle to your career development.

Making a career in the public service requires a basic understanding of the processes involved and competencies required at various levels. New employees may also have questions about advancing their careers in a remote work environment.

During this event, you will learn how to find advertised job opportunities, the terminology used in a typical Statement of Merit Criteria, how to write an effective resume, and how to demonstrate that you meet the criteria for a position. You will also discover resources designed specifically to help you develop a career in the public service.

Organized in partnership with the Federal Youth Network (FYN), this event is a lead-in to this winter's upcoming Career Boot Camp 2021.


  • Lynne E. Larivière, Manager, Human Resources Operations, Services and Business Development Sector – Ontario and Prairies Region, Public Service Commission of Canada
  • Joshua Frame, National Chair, Federal Youth Network (FYN)

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