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Climate Change and Human Migration Series

As the extreme effects of climate change intensify, human migration is emerging as a response to new life-threatening risks, which are consequences of this global crisis.

This series, featuring Dr. Robert McLeman of Wilfred Laurier University, showcases leading academic research, case studies, and panel discussions aimed at raising awareness of how migration induced by climate change will impact Canada. The series also explores how Canadians can reflect on the knowledge from Indigenous communities to inform government decisions in response to climate change.

Participants will acquire the foundational knowledge needed to understand the consequences of climate change migration and gain insights on how Canada can prepare and respond to it.


Date Title
March 18, 2024 Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Climate Displacement Decision-Making
February 5, 2024 Community Relocations in a Changing Climate – Lessons from Tuktoyaktuk
November 3, 2023 Event: Climate-Related Displacements in Canada
 Video: Climate-Related Displacements in Canada (TRN5-V53)
October 3, 2023 Event: Climate-Induced Displacement and Global Migration
 Video: Climate-Induced Displacement and Global Migration (TRN5-V52)

Additional events in this series will be added to this page and our main Events page as they are confirmed.

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