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Combatting Unconscious Bias with Dr. Rachel Zellars


The first step towards building strong and diverse teams is to recognize that anyone can be susceptible to unconscious bias and may need support in understanding and overcoming hidden prejudices.

This impactful event will present concrete actions that can be taken individually and collectively to combat racial discrimination in the workplace and advance the Call to Action on Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion in the Federal Public Service.

Presented by the National Manager's Community, join Dr. Rachel Zellars to learn how to combat unconscious bias, how bias can affect attitudes and how to address bias in the workplace.


  • Dr. Rachel Zellars, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Justice and Community Studies, St. Mary's University
  • Arun Thangaraj, Associate Deputy Minister, Transport Canada and Champion, National Managers' Community


Isabelle Racine, Executive Director - National Manager's Community

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