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Communications Community: Senior Leaders Share Their Perspectives on Transferable Skills


A 24/7 work environment. The expectation of two-way engagement on social media. The emergence of disinformation.

This is our new reality and it is having an impact on how we communicate with Canadians. For communications professionals, there is also a constant need to keep up with technology while maintaining a heavy workload and striving to preserve a healthy work-life balance.

Join us to hear from senior executives from across the government on the importance of enhancing skill sets to become more diversified and well-rounded communicators.


  • John Medcof, Director General, Transferable Skills, Canada School of Public Service
  • Chris Henderson, Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Affairs, Department of National Defence
  • Jennifer Hollington, Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications and Public Affairs, Health Canada
  • Leanne Maidment, Associate Director General, Communications, Public Safety Canada

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