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Creative Thinking at Work: Flexing Your Creative Muscles


Faced with a challenge on the job, have you wished you could tap into some new creative ideas? Creativity isn't just for artists! It's for anyone responding to the ever-changing needs of their organization. How do we, as public servants, apply creativity to meet the demands of our world?

This interactive event will help you get to know your creative side.

Neuroscience shows that, with training, everyone can enhance their creative ability in innovation, problem solving and leadership, among other areas. Join this interactive event to discover and practise applying your creativity to everyday situations on the job. Take part in live activities and join a live chat to guide you in your creative process.


Eve-Marie Blouin-Hudon, Founder, Bevy Creative

Opening remarks

Alexandra Keys, Director, Transferable Skills, Innovation and Skills Development Branch, Canada School of Public Service


Monique Ramdhan, A/Director General, Executive Learning, Canada School of Public Service

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