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CSPS Data Demo Week: Regulatory Artificial Intelligence


Regulations are vital to the proper functioning of economies and societies. They underpin markets, benchmark criteria for economic growth, protect the rights and safety of citizens, safeguard the environment and ensure the delivery of public goods and services. Robust regulatory data analytics and review practices enable us to develop better regulations and support decision-making processes.

The complexities surrounding regulatory analytics provide an array of opportunities to explore, create and test innovative solutions. The Public Sector Innovation team at the Canada School of Public Service is collaborating with government partners and the private sector to generate novel solutions to core challenges in regulatory stock review and regulatory drafting.

The team's platform of demonstration projects allows for experimentation with disruptive technologies to support analysts and regulators in navigating this time-consuming and labour-intensive field. Join us for a demonstration of three unique prototypes, followed by a Q&A on the implications of this type of work across the public service and how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning could play a bigger role in our work moving forward.

About Data Demo Week

Cutting-edge technologies, drawing on the power of data, machine learning, AI, blockchain and the like, could reduce the transactional burdens placed on public servants and allow them to focus more on strategic decision-making. These technologies can be helpful now, and will be required for the public service to remain relevant as an institution Canadians look to for excellent service, support, and leadership.

Video: CSPS Data Demo Week: Regulatory Artificial Intelligence

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Neil Bouwer, Vice-President, Canada School of Public Service


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