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CSPS Data Demo Week: Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation with Digital Public Square


Misinformation and disinformation continue to threaten trust in the information that public institutions share. During the COVID-19 pandemic, trust in credible and evidence-based information can save lives, whereas mistrust can undermine safety and social cohesion. While digital platforms and social media intensify diverging points of view, traditional awareness campaigns and engagement methods may fall short.

What if digital tools could counteract misinformation and disinformation? What if corrective information could be delivered in a creative and welcoming way? What does it take to design and implement such digital tools?

The Digital Public Square, a not-for-profit organization, uses approaches like gamification, digital storytelling and crowdsourcing, in Canada and internationally, to build empathy and trust and to engage communities.

Join us for a demonstration of the It's Contagious project by CEO and co-founder Farhaan Ladhani of the Digital Public Square. The presentation will be followed by a rich Q&A session on the implications of such technologies for organizations across the federal public service.

About Data Demo Week

Cutting edge technologies, drawing on the power of data, machine learning, AI, blockchain and the like, could reduce the transactional burdens placed on public servants and allow them to focus more on strategic decision-making. These technologies can be helpful now, and will be required for the public service to remain relevant as an institution Canadians look to for excellent service, support, and leadership.

Video: CSPS Data Demo Week: Combatting Misinformation and Disinformation with Digital Public Square

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Farhaan Ladhani, CEO and co-founder, Digital Public Square


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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