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CSPS Data Demo Week: Harnessing Data for Better Procurement


Procuring goods and services is an integral part of public administration that serves multiple public policy objectives. Conventionally, procurement data requires time-consuming manual entry and difficult-to-maintain data feeds that can be outdated or incomplete. It is difficult to know how spending is being allocated among suppliers that are small businesses, women owned or Indigenous owned.

Whether you're trying to maximize diversity spending, optimize supplier diversification or identify emergency sourcing options, timely, up-to-date and accurate procurement data makes all the difference. TealBook has developed solutions that leverage state-of-the-art machine learning concepts to aggregate data from across multiple sources.

This accurate and autonomously updated supplier data is designed to unify across systems, empower staff, and optimize organizational supplier bases. It also supports decision making by including information on diverse suppliers in categories such as minority-business enterprise, women-owned business, small business, LGBTQ2 business, and more.

Join this Data Demo Week kick-off event for a demonstration of how automated tools can be harnessed to analyze and deliver better procurement results.

Video: CSPS Data Demo Week: Harnessing Data for Better Procurement

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  • Andrea Johnston, Assistant Deputy Minister, Industry, Science and Economic Development Canada
  • Stephany Lapierre, Chief Executive Officer, TealBook
  • Michelle McLennan, Sales Director, TealBook
  • Tyler Koopmans, Solutions Consultant, TealBook


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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