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CSPS Data Demo Week: Human Resources Foresight with Blue J Legal


Human resources practitioners across the federal public service spend countless hours each year digging through case law and past dispute resolution boards to determine the best advice and way forward given the circumstances and nuances each case brings with it.

What if we had the ability to analyze jurisprudence and case law decisions, in an instant? What if we could predict the probability of outcomes based on similar cases before even beginning the formal processes of the case at hand?

With the Blue J HR platform, anyone can quickly and accurately predict how their employment matter would be decided by a court or tribunal. Simply input your specific scenario, run the analysis using the machine learning/AI platform, review the results and explanation of them, and make informed decisions.

Join us for a demonstration of Blue J HR, followed by a rich discussion exploring the implications of this type of AI/machine learning tool for organizations across the federal public service.

About Data Demo Week

Cutting edge technologies, drawing on the power of data, machine learning, AI, blockchain and the like, could reduce the transactional burdens placed on public servants and allow them to focus more on strategic decision-making. These technologies can be helpful now, and will be required for the public service to remain relevant as an institution Canadians look to for excellent service, support, and leadership.

Video: CSPS Data Demo Week: Human Resources Foresight with Blue J Legal

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  • Benjamin Alarie, Co-Founder and CEO, Blue J Legal
  • Wendy Bullion-Winters, Director General, Human Resources Management, Canada School of Public Service


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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