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CSPS Data Demo Week: From Raw to Refined – Organizing Data with Intent


Data is abundant and growing every minute of every day. For public servants, the sheer volume of available information can sometimes be overwhelming. What data already exists within your organization? What about open data? What would it take to integrate this information into your decision-making process to provide actionable insights?

The team at ThinkData is working with government departments to better understand their data landscape and generate new value from existing data. Using Namara, their data cataloguing tool, ThinkData will show how organizations can operationalize data that may have been previously inaccessible. Having a better understanding of the process for integrating data can lead to a better understanding of the standards required to create data designed for interoperability from the start.

Join us for a demonstration of Namara by ThinkData's Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Bryan Smith. This will be followed by a discussion featuring Vik Pant, Chief Scientist at Natural Resources Canada, among others, for a walk through the life cycle of data projects highlighting key components of data integration, the importance of data standards, and the value of the enormous amount of data that exists within government.

About Data Demo Week

Cutting-edge technologies, drawing on the power of data, machine learning, AI, blockchain and the like, could reduce the transactional burdens placed on public servants and allow them to focus more on strategic decision-making. These technologies can be helpful now, and will be required for the public service to remain relevant as an institution Canadians look to for excellent service, support, and leadership.

Video: CSPS Data Demo Week: From Raw to Refined – Organizing Data with Intent

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  • Bryan Smith, CEO and Co-Founder, ThinkData
  • Vik Pant, Chief Scientist and Chief Science Advisor, Natural Resources Canada


Taki Sarantakis, President, Canada School of Public Service

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