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Maintaining Open and Safe Cyber Security Design for All


Cyber threats can come from anywhere within an organization, and as a result, cyber security must be a shared responsibility. A recent study of 2,000 Chief Information Officers found that 61% of them increased investment in cyber security this year. Organizations are looking ahead in preparation for a post-pandemic future where remote work, cloud computing, increased automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and working in the open will be the norm.

Yet, there remains a lack of understanding about the ever‑present cyber risks in the open way of working online. This does not imply that we should avoid online activity. However, public servants and citizens must have opportunities to learn how to become more cyber savvy, resilient, vigilant and safe as they navigate the online world.

As part of Cyber Security Awareness Month, join this event to learn more about cyber security and some of its challenges, including how to:

  • anticipate cyber risks
  • be ready when incidents happen
  • put safety first, particularly when it comes to keeping data secure
  • cultivate a culture of open cyber security and shared risk
  • adopt a holistic approach that is accessible, inclusive and secure for all

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