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Speaker : Dominic Parent

Chief Data Officer, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Dominic Parent is a passionate data and business leader who makes data sexy wherever he goes. He challenges others to re-think the status quo by focusing on real pragmatic solutions that can make a difference to others.

Dominic earned a bachelor's degree in Commerce from the University of Ottawa, is a certified data management professional with DAMA, a certified change management practitioner with Procsi and an avid Lean practitioner. His strong business acumen and background in marketing allow Dominic to develop and sell the value of implementable strategies that provide an unobstructed vision of what the future could hold. He enjoys making "complicated" things relatable and exciting. After spending close to 17 years of his career with the Canadian Coast Guard, Dominic is excited to now be helping Environment and Climate Change Canada as its Chief Data Officer.

Participating in: Improving climate change action and adopting greener technology

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