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Data Governance and Standardization Series: First Nations Data Sovereignty


Indigenous Peoples, like all populations, require high-quality data about their citizens, communities, lands, resources, and culture to support evidence-based decision making. Indigenous governing bodies have the right to control the collection, ownership, dissemination and application of their own data, yet they continue to work hard to gain autonomy over data governance activities.

First Nations are leading Indigenous data sovereignty practices in Canada today. Guided by the First Nations Information Governance Centre, the First Nations principles of ownership, control, access, and possession (OCAP®) establish the ethical collection, use, and storage of First Nations data in keeping with each First Nation's worldview.

Join the third event in the Data Governance and Standardization Series to learn about the importance of First Nations data sovereignty and the application of the principles of OCAP® through a discussion of contemporary issues.

Learn more about the Data Governance and Standardization Series.


  • Jonathan Dewar, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, First Nations Information Governance Centre
  • Aaron Franks, Senior Advisor OCAP® and Information Governance, First Nations Information Governance Centre


Christopher Penney, Director of the Centre for Indigenous Statistics and Partnerships, Statistics Canada

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