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Data Governance and Standardization Series: Diversity, Gender Responsiveness, and Disaggregated Data for a More Equal Canada


Equality and diversity are key drivers of innovation and social cohesion. The involvement of women and diverse communities in standards development can help ensure that the design and governance of technologies and standards do not perpetuate biases and inequalities.

It is with this approach in mind that the Standards Council of Canada, in collaboration with various partners, is leveraging the standardization system to assist the government in advancing equality and diversity across Canada.

This session will focus on the need for the increased use of standards and disaggregated data to better understand and address the social and economic inequalities faced by vulnerable communities in Canada. In addition, participants will be introduced to the strategies that build gender expertise into the standardization system and improve gender representation in standards development.

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  • Stephanie Eynon, Manager, Standards-Makers Engagement and Inclusion, BSI and Chair, UNECE Gender Responsive Standards Initiative
  • Dr. Wendy Cukier, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, and Founder of the Diversity Institute at the Ted Rogers School of Management
  • Jeff Latimer, Ph.D., Director General, Health, Justice, Diversity, and Populations, Statistics Canada
  • Maithili Mavinkurve, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Sightline Innovation


Michelle Parkouda, Manager, Research, Standards Council of Canada

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