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Data Governance and Standardization Series: Safeguarding Personal Data in Its Collection and Use


The production and flow of data keeps growing with the mass adoption of smartphones and other devices for personal and commercial use. This has led to the proliferation of businesses with revenue models based on gathering and using personal data.

As the market brings more new technologies and services, personal data is now generated and used in ways that raise concerns about personal data collection and online surveillance. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, as schools had to turn to online learning, the gaps in regulations, standards, and operational procedures, and the lack of an overall common policy put the digital identity of schools, teachers, parents and students at risk.

Standards can play a key role in safeguarding personal data to ensure conformity to norms that have been established. Join the sixth and final event in this series to learn how standards can be applied to data collection while also protecting the personal data leveraged by businesses and used for profit.

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  • Bianca Wylie, Public Technology Advocate and Senior Fellow at Centre for International Governance Innovation
  • Dr. Rachel O'Connell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer TrustElevate
  • Stefaan Verhulst, Co-Founder and Chief of Research and Development, The GovLab (Governance Lab) at New York University


Charles Taillefer, Director, Privacy and Data Protection Policy Directorate, Strategy and Innovation Policy Sector Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Government of Canada

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