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Moving Forward with the Government of Canada's Digital Agenda

Enabling Government in the Digital Age

Digital government is about modernizing  government programs and services so that they can be more effective, efficient, and adaptive to changing needs. To enable this, public service leaders are seeking to create a government that is more open, more collaborative and that provides improved digital first, user-centered and barrier-free services and programs.

This event features leaders from the Office of the Chief Information Officer and will focus on how the Digital Standards will help to pave a clear path forward towards modernizing the way that the federal government plans and delivers its programs and services. A panel discussion will present different perspectives on how the Digital Standards can guide public servants through the mindset shifts and competency development necessary in a digital age.

Join this event to explore the critical role of the Digital Standards and the projected way forward for "enabling government in the digital age".


  • Paul Wagner, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategy and Transformation, Office of the Chief Information Officer of Canada, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Government of Canada
  • Kelly Acton, Assistant Deputy Minister, Digital Policy and Performance, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Government of Canada
  • Rina Lorello, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Information Officer, Transformation and Digital Solutions Sector, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Government of Canada
  • Sylvain Souligny, Director General, Departmental Planning, Results, and Management Practices, Chief Finances, Results and Delivery Officer Sector, Indigenous Services Canada


Erica Vezeau, Director General, Digital Academy, Canada School of Public Service

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