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Advancing Canada's Interests in a Digital World Series: Canada Abroad in a Digital World


Shifting dynamics and political power struggles are reshaping geopolitics and forcing countries around the world to re-evaluate how they engage with the global audience in the digital era.

The second event in this series will explore some of the key communication challenges for Canada in the digital age, including defining its value proposition to the world, fostering international engagement, leveraging new technologies to collaborate with its allies, and repackaging its communication toolkit.   

Learn about who is responsible for crafting Canada's approach to engagement in the digital space, what has been done up to this point, and how to determine successful engagement.

Learn more about the Advancing Canada's Interests in a Digital World Series.


  • Salim Teja, Partner, Radical Ventures
  • Janice Stein, Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
  • John Stackhouse, Journalist and Author of Planet Canada: How Our Expats are Shaping the Future


Farhaan Ladhani, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Public Square

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