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Advancing Canada's Interests in a Digital World Series: Statecraft in the Digital Era


Shifting dynamics and power struggles are reshaping geopolitics and forcing countries around the world to re‑evaluate how they engage with a global audience in the digital era.

This first event in the Advancing Canada's Interests in a Digital World Series features a discussion on the evolving approaches to statecraft through the use of digital tools to reach out to, influence and manipulate stakeholders wherever they may be. Guest speakers will explore how Canada might adapt its international engagement and advance and protect its national interests by examining the methods that others use to promote their influence and form relationships in a digital world.

Participants will learn about the interaction between statecraft and the digital space, the opportunities and challenges associated with this interconnectivity, and the strategies, systems, and technologies being used by both allies and challengers. They will discover ways to think creatively about pursuing national values and interests on the geopolitical stage, and the strategies Canada should incorporate to do so.

Video: Statecraft in the Digital Era: Key Moments (LPL1-V19)

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  • Farhaan Ladhani, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Public Square
  • Fergus Hanson, Director, International Cyber Policy Centre, Australian Strategic Policy Institute


Jill Sinclair, former Assistant Deputy Minister Policy, National Defence

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