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The New Economy Series: Cyber Security


Businesses, organizations and individuals across the world are rushing to adopt new digital technologies at an unprecedented pace with the goal of connecting people, pursuing economies of scale, and improving economic output.

However, many of the innovations that have transformed both our lives and the global economy leave our assets, technologies and information vulnerable to threats.  Strong cybersecurity measures are critical to protecting sensitive government information and services, safeguarding the integrity of critical infrastructure and Canadian innovations, and securing continued investments. Increasingly, the distinctions are blurred between national security, technological innovation and economic prosperity.

This fifth event in The New Economy Series explores the relationship between cyber security and economic development, the trade-offs faced by Canadian policy‑makers, and the role Canada can play to protect critical public and private assets.

Video: The New Economy Series: The Data-Driven Economy

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Scott Jones, Head of the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security


  • Maithili Mavinkurve, COO and Co-Founder, Sightline Innovation
  • Rafal Rohozinski, Senior Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation, and Principal, SecDev Group, SecDev Group

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