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The New Economy Series: The Economics of Attention


Our work, relationships, communities, and education are mediated by an expanding digital sphere. With so much data and information surrounding us, our attention is scarce, and the ability to capture it is lucrative.

New business models have emerged which deploy sophisticated techniques to target advertising to likely consumers and to design addictive platforms which hold our attention. There are many benefits to these new social and economic spaces, but they have also introduced new harms. Canada is not alone in grappling with the implications of this new space which can shape behaviour, curate to individual interests, and intensify existing differences.

The ninth event in the New Economy Series will explore key policy questions that have emerged through the attention economy and examine the role of government in countering harmful consequences to our individual and societal health.

Video: The New Economy Series: The Economics of Attention

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Owen Ripley, Director General, Broadcasting, Copyright, and Creative Marketplace Branch, Canadian Heritage

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