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The New Economy Series: The Era of Winner-Take-Most Economics


Competitive markets have long been at the centre of Canadian economic policy. Competition supports business and innovators, protects consumers, and secures Canada’s national interests. But a competitive marketplace is challenged by the rise of intangibles assets and changing market conditions. As the rules of the game change, so too must Canada.

The eighth event in the New Economy Series will explore how the new economy has produced dominant tech giants who control market access for others. Panellists will discuss various policy and legal mechanisms to ensure competition, strategies to help Canadian innovators scale their businesses, and consequences of winner-take-most economics on individuals and the choices they make.

Video: The New Economy Series: The Era of Winner-Take-Most Economics

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  • Jeanne Pratt, Senior Deputy Commissioner, Mergers and Monopolistic Practices Branch, Competition Bureau


  • Christopher Yoo, Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania and Director of the Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition
  • Taylor Owen, Senior Fellow, Centre for International Governance Innovation
  • Melanie Aitken, Managing Principal, Bennett Jones (US) LLP and former Competition Commissioner

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