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Emergency Communications: A Playbook for Emergency Readiness and Best Practices Within the Government Of Canada


Communications is a critical component in ensuring effective emergency response. Public Safety Canada coordinates the Government of Canada's communications during national emergencies and has played important roles in recent years, including supporting the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to massive wildfires and to sprawling floods.

The Public Safety Communications team coordinates efforts with federal partners, provincial and territorial counterparts, and external stakeholders to communicate accurate, relevant and timely information to those in need, and to help keep people safe and build public trust.

Join emergency communicators from Public Safety to hear about theories of effective emergency communications, how they put those theories to the test in real-life emergencies, and the lessons they have learned in past years.


  • Rob Stewart, Deputy Minister, Public Safety Canada
  • Ryan Baker, A/Associate Director General, Communications, Public Safety Canada
  • Ashleigh Wilson, Director, Public Affairs, Public Safety Canada
  • Laura De Curtis, Communications Manager, Public Safety Canada
  • Gillian Badger, Communications Manager, Public Safety Canada


Leanne Maidment, Director General, Communications, Public Safety Canada

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