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Creating Space for Employee-Led Experimentation


Best practices call for experimentation at the different stages of policy and program development, from needs assessment to implementation. Innovative solutions often emerge when employees have the flexibility to test their own creative ideas in parallel and are encouraged to adopt an experimental mindset.

In collaboration with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and Demos Helsinki, an independent think tank from Helsinki, Finland, this event will focus on how evidence generated by employee-led experimentation can lead to program improvement and renewal, help develop and retain talent, and ultimately deliver better results for Canadians.

Participants will learn how to adopt an experimental mindset in their workplace, how to incorporate experimentation in their workflow and team, and how employees in Canada and around the world are leading grassroots innovation.

Vidéo: Creating Space for Employee-Led Experimentation


  • Sarah Kennedy, Manager, Solutions Fund, Health Canada
  • Iacopo Gronchi, Expert in Transformative Governance, Demos Helsinki


Dan Monafu, Senior Advisor, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

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