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EvalConnex: Federal Evaluators Community Professional Series 2016

EvalConnex - Evaluators Workshops

Evaluating with Experimental Designs

The Prime Minister's mandate letter to the President of the Treasury Board asks him to work with his colleagues to experiment with new approaches to existing programs, including how their impact is measured.

The new Policy on Results gives evaluators more room for innovation and experimentation in what they evaluate, the issues they consider and the timing of their evaluations.

This session will provide an overview of developing experimental designs for evaluation, when such designs can be used in a government context and some examples of how they have been used already.

Event Information

This interactive learning activity is designed for the Community of Federal Evaluators, including evaluation managers and heads of evaluation, at no cost to learners.

Date and Time:

November 9, 2016 | 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (EST)


Nicholas Chesterley, Advisor/Economist, Centre of Excellence for Evaluation, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Jean-Pierre Voyer, President and CEO, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

David Gyarmati, Research Director, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

Elizabeth Hardy, Lead, Behavioural Insights, Design and Policy Innovation, Central Innovation Hub, Privy Council Office


Bilingual with interpretation in both official languages


  • Available across Canada by webcast
  • Collaboration Lounge, Académie De-La-Salle, 373 Sussex Drive (entrance on Guigues Avenue), Ottawa, Ontario


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