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EXecuTALK: How Inuit Societal Values Shape Leadership in Northern Canada


Inuit have always had to adapt to survive. Their adaptation to life after the pandemic is no different. It is by adhering to Inuit societal values, particularly Qanuqtuurniq (being innovative and resourceful) and Ikajuqtigiinniq (working collaboratively) that they have been able to conduct activities in a safe manner and continue on their path to success.

Join Micheline Kilabuk-Cote, Director of Pilimmaksaivik, as she discusses how her leadership stems from Inuit societal values and how increased awareness around this topic can benefit other public service leaders who deliver programs and services in the Canadian North.

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Micheline Kilabuk-Cote, Director, Pilimmaksaivik [Federal Centre of Excellence for Inuit Employment in Nunavut], Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency


John Medcof, Lead Faculty, Canada School of Public Service

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