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EXecuTALK: Mandate Letters and What They Mean for You


New mandate letters that highlight the priorities of the Government of Canada have been sent to cabinet ministers. While some of these priorities are department specific, many are horizontal and support the Government's broader goals of creating a more inclusive and resilient country. As departments internalize these new priorities, what does this mean for you as an executive in your department or agency and, more broadly, as an executive in the public service?

Join us for this EXecuTALK where two senior executives will describe how they implement the priorities outlined in their ministerial mandate letters. They will share how they mobilize their teams around these priorities and the actions they take to support horizontal initiatives. They will also share lessons learned and tips you can use as a leader as you operationalize priorities identified in your Minister's mandate letter.

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  • Niall O'Dea, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Allen Sutherland, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Machinery of Government, Privy Council Office


Sarah Plouffe, Executive Faculty Member

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