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EXecuTALK: Overcoming Loneliness as an Executive


All jobs can be overwhelming at times, and the executive role is no exception. As teams look to them for direction and leadership, many executives are feeling increased stress, loneliness and isolation. The responsibility and pressure to constantly deliver, combined with a reduced number of peers as one progresses through the executive ranks, are added contributors to higher levels of loneliness and stress.

This EXecuTALK features an up-close-and-personal conversation with Heather Sheehy, Assistant Secretary of the Government Operations Sector at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, on how to overcome isolation and loneliness as an executive in the public service.

Participants will learn how to better stay connected with their team members, confide in their peers, and nurture healthy relationships by building people networks across the government.

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Heather Sheehy, Assistant Secretary of Government Operations Sector at Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat


Aiesha Zafar, Executive Faculty Member, Canada School of Public Service

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