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EXecuTALK: A Conversation with Professor Marie-Hélène Gilbert on Psychological Health and Well-Being


Executive positions can be incredibly rewarding; often, however, they are accompanied by heavy workloads and long hours. In fact, work-life balance and high stress are among the top challenges identified by executives in the Government of Canada.

Executives are key players in any organization and they have an important role to play in contributing to psychologically healthy workplaces. However, this responsibility is not  theirs alone. To bring their best selves to work, executives need support from their organizations, colleagues and team members.

Guest speaker Professor Marie-Hélène Gilbert will discuss her research on the challenges of being an executive, how organizations can support them, and offer strategies executives can use to improve their mental health and well-being.

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Marie-Hélène Gilbert, Associate Professor, Department of Management, Université Laval


Manon Fillion, Senior Faculty Member, Canada School of Public Service

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