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EXecuTALK: Successfully Leading High-Performing Virtual Teams


The shift to working remotely has been steadily increasing among public servants over the past several years, but the sudden onset of COVID-19 in Canada forced the majority of government employees to convert to remote work in a matter of days. A year later, many teams have adjusted to this new reality and have found ways to maintain their productivity. Yet some teams have clearly navigated the transition more successfully than others. What is their secret?

The common features of effective virtual teams are starting to emerge, and in many cases they begin with the leader. Join us for this Executalk where two executives will describe how they addressed the bumps and hiccups involved in moving from a traditional work environment to a remote work setting. They'll share their top lessons for helping employees continue to thrive even in times of significant uncertainty.

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Earl Hoeg, Executive Director, National Real Property Management, Chief Financial Officer Branch Employment and Social Development Canada

Mélanie Copeland, A/Director, Transformation Portfolio Office, Digital Services and Transformation Office Transport Canada, Government of Canada


Danl Loewen, Faculty Member, Canada School of Public Service

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