Exploring the Impacts of a New Digital Infrastructure

Exploring the Impacts of a New Digital Infrastructure

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Robots in society.

Advanced data capture and analytics.

Decentralized production techniques.

These are some of the technologies being combined to form a new digital infrastructure that will affect almost every aspect of the global economy. This infrastructure will impact the lives of Canadians in ways that we don't yet fully understand. What we do know is that both society and work will look very different.

Join Policy Horizons Canada to learn about their latest foresight research. This is your opportunity to challenge some common planning assumptions about the future of the economy and explore the various impacts this research could have on Canada and the world.

Event Information

This learning activity is designed for all public servant groups and levels and is offered at no cost.

The School encourages learners to view webcast events in groups to conserve bandwidth and facilitate discussion. To minimize the risk of technical difficulties during the webcast, check connectivity prior to the session by using the School's test link. If you experience any problems, please contact your IM/IT department.


Date and time:

September 14, 2018 | 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm (EDT)


  • Marcus Ballinger, Policy Horizons Canada
  • Steffen Christensen, Policy Horizons Canada
  • Kristel Van der Elst, Director General, Policy Horizons Canada


Blaise Hébert, Policy Horizons Canada


Bilingual with interpretation in official languages

  • Collaboration Lounge, Académie De-La-Salle, 373 Sussex Drive (Guigues Avenue entrance), Ottawa, Ontario
  • Available across Canada by webcast




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Training to introduce you to Phoenix, the Government of Canada's self-serve pay and benefits system.


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