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Gender-based Analysis Plus: A Strong Foundation

Gender-based Analysis Plus: A Strong Foundation

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) is an analytical tool used to assess how diverse groups of women, men and gender-diverse people may experience policies, programs and initiatives. This half-day workshop allows public servants with little to no experience in applying GBA+ to examine its fundamental concepts and steps. They will learn to use the key tools that will allow them to integrate GBA+ into their everyday work.

Completion of the Status of Women GBA+ online course prior to this workshop is strongly recommended.

Topics include:

  • GBA+ Framework
  • Key components of a GBA+
  • Foundational GBA+ Considerations
  • Tools to integrate GBA+ into your everyday work

Event Information

This learning activity is designed for all public servant groups and levels and is offered at no cost.

Please ensure that you have your MyAccount login name and password. If you do not have an account, please contact the Client Contact Centre.


Date, Time, Language and Location:

March 27, 2018 | 8:30 am to 12:00 pm (EDT) | English
Dominion Building, 1 Front Street West, Suite 5113, Toronto, Ontario


Ontario Region

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