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Geopolitics and National Security Series: Margaret MacMillan on Canada, Geopolitics and Learning from the Past


As the world faces evolving challenges and threats, gaining perspective on current issues is essential. Canada's public service can look to the past and learn from those experiences. By rediscovering how our predecessors have dealt with challenges and periods of disruption, we can think more critically and strategically about shaping Canada's role in the world.

The final event in this series features a keynote address by world-renowned Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan and a moderated discussion on the following questions:

  • the similarities and differences we now face in comparison to previous eras of global instability
  • how contemporary international political relations link to the past
  • how Canada might approach the world today based on insights from history


Margaret MacMillan, Author and Professor of History, University of Toronto, and Emeritus Professor of International History, Oxford University

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