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Government of Canada Innovation Series: Innovations in Internal Audit


In today's era of continuous change, many traditional functions are changing in innovative ways to help organizations proactively anticipate the future of work. The field of internal audit is no exception.

This first event in the Government of Canada Innovation Series brings together public service leaders and innovation practitioners to kick-start a discussion of the imperative of innovation across government and showcase how innovation is helping to unlock the full value of the internal audit function.

Participants will learn how to apply new perspectives, methods and internal audit principles to their work, including new program and policy designs from internal audit practitioners across the Government of Canada.

Learn more about the Government of Canada Innovation Series.


  • Graham Flack, Secretary of the Treasury Board, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat
  • Alexandra Dagger, Director General, Audit and Evaluation, National Research Council Canada
  • Natalie M Lalonde, CPA, Chief Audit Executive, Office of the Chief Audit Executive, Global Affairs Canada
  • Martin Rubenstein, Director General Integrity Risk Management (IRM), Integrity Risk Management (IRM), Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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