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The Government of the Future Series: Mainstreaming Innovation: Progress, Barriers and Prospects


The federal government has access to a vast repertoire of innovation tools and approaches that can support decision-making, the design and delivery of programs, and the monitoring of results.

This first event in the Government of the Future Series will explore some of these tools and approaches, including the use of behavioural insights, human-centred design and design thinking, to better understand some of the barriers and prospects that impact innovation in the federal workplace.

Participants will learn how these innovation tools and approaches have been used successfully, discover solutions to challenges encountered when applying them, and understand how promising insights can be scaled-up to help better design, deliver and assess government policies and services.

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Opening remarks

Evert Lindquist, Professor, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria, and Editor, Canadian Public Administration, Journal of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada


  • Jenny M. Lewis, PhD, Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, Professor of Public Policy, University of Melbourne, Australia and Guest Professor, Department of Public Governance and Management, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Kathy L. Brock, Ph.D., Master of Public Administration Program Director, Professor and Senior Fellow, School of Policy Studies, cross-appointed with the Department of Political Studies, Queen's University, and Chair, National Accreditation Board for Programs in Public Administration
  • Sasha Tregebov, Director, Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) Canada
  • Ashley Belanger, Director, Design and Experimentation, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada


Myra Latendresse-Drapeau, Acting Director General, Transferable Skills, Canada School of Public Service

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