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Understanding the Human Side of Cybersecurity

Understanding the Human Side of Cybersecurity


Every day, Canadians spend a significant amount of time online whether it be for work, play, banking, news, or simply staying in touch. Our online activity has only grown with the arrival of the COVID‑19 pandemic. Yet, the same digital infrastructure that enhances our quality of life can also leave us vulnerable to those who could do us harm.

The use of personal and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearable technologies, cloud computing and wireless networks all create opportunities for malicious actors to gain access to and exploit our personal and professional information. The Government of Canada is investing more than $1 billion over 10 years to defend Canadians against cyber threats, but the greatest vector for cyber attack isn't a piece of technology—it's us.

Join us for a two-day event and learn from top experts as they empower you to better navigate the cybersecurity environment. Through panel discussions, keynote addresses and interactive virtual breakout sessions, you will learn what cybersecurity risk behaviours look like and how to protect yourself, your organization and your family from cyber threats.

Understanding the Human Side of Cybersecurity: Program

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