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Ensuring Indigenous Voices Are Present During Co‑Development: Examples and Lessons Learned


The Government of Canada has committed to renewing relationships with Indigenous Peoples based on the recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnerships. This includes a distinctions-based approach when co‑developing policies, programs and legislation with and for Indigenous Peoples. But what does co‑development look like in this context? How do we ensure that we are working with the appropriate Indigenous groups? How do we ensure that Cabinet confidence is still maintained all the while guaranteeing that Indigenous voices and worldviews are taken into account? Join us for a discussion where we will reflect on some examples of co-development and examine lessons learned.


  • Nadine Spence, Executive Director Operations, British Columbia and Yukon, Parks Canada
  • Chantal Marin-Comeau, Director General, Reconciliation Secretariat, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada
  • Mike DeGagné, President and Vice-Chancellor of Yukon University


Nathalie Gagnon, Associate Director, Departmental Support and Research, Indigenous Learning

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