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Leadership in the Modern and Post-Pandemic Context Series: Organizational Agility and Governance


Digital transformation, labour shortages, exploding workloads and increasingly complex tasks are just a few of the issues that are making work increasingly demanding. But these issues are also forcing organizations to review and modify their structures, organizational methods and management to become more agile and efficient.

This event will provide an overview of organizational agility and its transformative implications on each and every level of an organization. Participants will gain a better understanding of how to apply organizational agility in their work environment.

This event is part of the series Leadership in the Modern and Post-Pandemic Context and is presented in collaboration with Université Laval's Faculty of Business Administration.

Learn more about the Leadership in the Modern and Post‑Pandemic Context Series.


Bernard Plante, engineer, Masters in Business Administration, project management professional, KMP, SAFe Agilist certification, university professor and director of the certification in project management performance improvement, Université Laval

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