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Leadership in the Modern and Post-Pandemic Context Series: Performance and Innovation in the Context of Telework, Here and Abroad


The shift to a new reality in which telework has greater support is already underway. Telework certainly has its benefits, but like any organizational innovation, it also brings its own challenges.

This event is based on studies of performance and innovation in the context of telework, which were conducted in various provincial and federal public service organizations here and abroad. Participants will learn about best practices for supporting ongoing productivity and organizational innovation, and will get advice on developing sustainable telework policies founded on research.

This event is part of the series Leadership in the Modern and Post-Pandemic Context and is presented in collaboration with Université Laval's Faculty of Business Administration.

Learn more about the Leadership in the Modern and Post‑Pandemic Context Series.


Gaëlle Cachat-Rosset, Ph.D., CRHA, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Université Laval

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