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Leadership Series: Embracing an Infinite Mindset to Thrive During Change


What empowers individuals, teams and organizations to thrive?

The Canada School of Public Service is pleased to welcome Stephen Shedletzky from world-renowned Simon Sinek Inc. Simon Sinek, optimist, author and speaker, is best known for popularizing the concept of "why" in his first TED Talk, which rose to become the second most watched TED Talk on, with over 50 million views.

Stephen Shedletzky will deliver a keynote presentation and open Q&A based on Simon's most recent best-selling book, The Infinite Game. He will share why embracing an infinite mindset is key to building stronger, more innovative and inspiring organizations. This session will uncover new ways of looking at your leadership, your organization and the environment in which it operates.

"We can't choose the game. We can't choose the rules. We can only choose how we play."

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Opening and closing remarks

  • Margaret Meroni, Vice-President, Canada School of Public Service

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