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Leadership Series: Growth Mindset: Pursuing Higher Achievement


Do you have the "growth mindset" for the public service of the future?

Join us for an immersive session on the neuroscience of growth mindset, the belief that you can boost your skills, smarts and resilience through curiosity, learning and discipline. Matt Summers, Master Facilitator in Neurosciences Learning from the NeuroLeadership Institute will explain how public servants can adopt the growth mindset to meet the changing expectations of Canadians.

We will explore the following 3 growth mindset habits:

  • Viewing change as a challenge not a threat;
  • Focusing on progress and learning from others during times of change;
  • Inspiring others, by example, to adopt a growth mindset during times of change.

The event will conclude with an interactive panel discussion on practical applications of the growth mindset in pursuit of a more agile, inclusive and equipped public service.

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  • Brandon Wood, Manager, Learning and Development Delivery, Parkland Fuel Corporation, Calgary, Alberta
  • Vicky Eatrides, Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Communications and Marketing Sector, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  • Sapna Mahajan, Director, Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat


  • Nathalie Laviades-Jodouin, Director General, Learning Programs, Canada School of Public Service

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