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Manion Lecture

The Manion Lecture is the flagship event of the Canada School of Public Service and an annual tradition that goes back 30 years.

The lecture addresses pressing public policy and public management issues that affect the professional roles and responsibilities of public servants in a way that challenges orthodoxies, speaks to the future, and broadens horizons.

It is named in honour of John Lawrence Manion, a well-respected and accomplished federal public servant and the first principal of the Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD), the forerunner of the School as we know it today.


Event schedule
Date Main speaker Title
2024 Dr. Alika Lafontaine 2024 Manion Lecture: A Discussion on the Canadian Health Care Polycrisis, with Dr. Alika Lafontaine
2023 Anil Arora Canada's Story – Census 2021 and the Data that Define Us
2020 Jeffrey Simpson From Trudeau to Trudeau: Reflections from Jeffrey Simpson on 45 years in Canadian Public Affairs
2018 Douglas Elmendorf A Look at Contemporary America
2017 His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston Strengthening Trust in Canada: The Role of the Public Service
2016 Dick Pound Values and Ethics: The Mark of Effective Leadership
2015 Helen Clark Sustainable Development in the 21st Century: Building a Better World for All
2013 Dominic Barton The Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century
2012 John Berry Public Service Innovation and Transformation in Times of Fiscal Constraint
2011 Sir Gus O'Donnell Achieving Results in the Context of Fiscal Restraint: Real‑Time Lessons from the British Experience
2010 Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon Complexity Science and Public Policy
2008 Geoff Mulgan Taking Public Sector Innovation Seriously
2007 Peter Shergold Public Service Reform and Renewal
2005 Tsun-yan Hsieh China and India: Is it too late for Canada?
2004 Jorge Castañeda North America in the 21st Century
2003 Joseph Heath The Myth of Shared Values in Canada
2002 Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi Challenges for the South African Public Service in the Context of the New African Initiative
2001 Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira A New Management for a State: Liberal, Social, and Republican
2000 Pierre S. Pettigrew Seattle: The Lessons for Future Governance
1998 James Q. Wilson Administrative Morality
1997 Peter Hennessy The Essence of the Public Service
1996 Robert D. Putnam The Decline of Civil Society: How Come? So What?
1995 Pierre De Celles Managing Change: Going Around in Circles—But in the Right Direction
1994 Nancy J. Adler Globalization, Government, and Competitiveness
1993 Marcel Massé Partners in the Management of Canada: The Changing Role of Government and the Public Service
1992 Richard D. French Post-Modern Government
1991 J. E. Hodgetts Public Management: Emblem of Reform for the Canadian Public Service

Additional events in this series will be added to this page and our main Events page as they are confirmed.

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