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Unlocking the Potential of Cloud


The adoption of cloud technologies in the public service continues to increase, but their full potential has yet to be realized. Almost three quarters of public sector executives worldwide expect their organization's cloud computing capacity to more than double in the next two to three years. Such an increase would provide the Government of Canada with greater opportunities and flexibility.

This event will explore how cloud applications are currently being deployed across the public service, bringing to light the strong business value of using these technologies. Participants will better understand the impact of using the cloud, including some of the risks, challenges and misconceptions associated with it, and learn more about the mindsets and skills needed to optimize how the cloud can be used to better serve Canadians.

Join experts in the field for an insightful panel discussion and showcase session on how they are leveraging the cloud today to drive innovation, growth and increased efficiency.

Master of Ceremonies

Erica Vezeau, Director General, Digital Academy, Canada School of Public Service


  • Tom Roberts, Vice President, Business Enablement and Assurance Services Branch, Canada School of Public Service
  • Stephen Burt, Chief Technology Officer, Treasury Board Secretariat
  • Rina Lorello, Chief Information Officer, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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