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A New Approach to Harnessing the Potential of Quantum Computing


Quantum computing is a reality that many public servants are interested in and want to know more about. Hosted in collaboration with the National Research Council, this event will focus on a different approach to harnessing the power of quantum computation called quantum annealing.

Quantum annealing is a type of quantum computing that offers a quantum approach to solving optimization problems. It has potential applications in science, finance, scheduling and logistics, drug design and a range of other engineering and technology domains.

During this event, experts from world-leading Canadian companies, public servants and academics will showcase how they are developing commercial applications of quantum annealing and help you better understand the potential of this promising tool.


Program and information


  • Philippe Lamontagne, Research Officer, Cyber Security Team, National Research Council
  • Joel David Martin, Chief Digital Research Officer, National Research Council of Canada

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