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Privacy Frameworks and Data for Public Good (rebroadcast)


Data is collected and used in many forms and needs appropriate protections especially when it comes to privacy. While Canada has a framework to provide privacy protection while collecting data, the Government of Canada must strengthen its trust relationship with Canadians as it depends on both identifiable and unidentifiable data to be relevant and competitive in this digital world. Learn why these frameworks and practices are key to the success and acceleration of innovation in Canada, and how to manage data for the collective good while maintaining privacy.

The Data Conference 2022 event is being rebroadcast from May 9 to May 13 to allow those who missed the opportunity to learn from leading experts about data foundations, data as a public good, data insights through collaboration, and other related topics. This year's theme highlights the importance of supporting the government's commitment to provide better data, insights and services for all Canadians, and it's success would not have been possible without a close collaboration with Statistics Canada and the GC Data Community.

Data Conference 2022 responds to the urgent need to fill data knowledge gaps in areas such as diversity and inclusion, the environment, and economic recovery. Participants will become better aware of the opportunities and the challenges along the path towards a more inclusive and economically competitive Canada, where data is leveraged to support evidence-based decision making and ensure that all Canadians are included in public policy solutions to resolve national challenges.


  • Chantal Bernier, National Practice Leader, Privacy and Cybersecurity, Dentons
  • Eric Rancourt, Director General, Modern Statistical Methods and Data Science, Statistics Canada

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