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Leveraging Rules as Code: Towards Digital Transformation


Rules are an essential part of any healthy, well-functioning society, and have a large impact on legislation, regulation, and policy. However, in this digital world, governments are still using analog processes to develop and implement rules. Rules as Code is a unique process that has the potential to dramatically change government rulemaking and policy analysis for the better. This approach has the ability to help you write more robust and smarter rules.

Join us to gain insights from Rules as Code experts who will share their experiences with this unique approach. Participants will learn from members of a multi-disciplinary team who recently completed a Government of Canada Rules as Code project. Members from that team will share their experience and demonstrate how this approach can be applied to government departments and agencies.


  • Mauko Quiroga, Policy and Engagement Officer,, Government of France
  • Pia Andrews, Director General, Digital Experience and Client Data Workstream, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Regan Meloche, Developer, Team Babel, Code for Canada


Neil Bouwer, Vice President , Public Sector Innovation, Innovation and Policy Services Branch, Canada School of Public Service

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