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Strategic Financial Management Series

Strategic Financial Management Series

Strategic thinking is a vital skill for financial management specialists, allowing them to manage finances judiciously and gain insight into the perspective of senior management.

To help specialists acquire this essential ability, the School organizes a Strategic Financial Management Series every year. The series is composed of workshops and seminars that cover topics relevant to the role and responsibilities of financial management community members.

The workshops and seminars are held in the National Capital Region; however, the seminars will be webcast to allow public servants from all regions of the country to participate. The Strategic Financial Management Series offers an excellent opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge on strategic financial management, as well as network and exchange advice and best practices.

Upcoming session

Stay tuned for information regarding the next session.

List of workshops and seminars

The complete list of workshops and seminars offered as part of the Strategic Financial Management Series is provided below. Bookmark this page and consult it regularly to find out when various sessions will be held.

  • Strategic Relationships for Finance Managers Seminar (T196)
  • Strategic Communication Seminar (F114)
  • Expectations Seminar (F115)
  • Business Analysis Workshop (F116)
  • Risk Workshop (F117)
  • Managing Sensitive Conversations Seminar (F118)
  • Strategic and Effective Briefing Workshop (F119)
  • Workshop on Seizing Opportunities in a Changing Environment (F120)
  • Workshop on Management and Leadership – Master Both! (F121)


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