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Navigating Social Media in the Government of Canada


The ever-changing and dynamic landscape of social media has 3.6 billion users digitally connecting, collaborating and sharing ideas worldwide, and it is still growing rapidly. Today, public servants have embraced social media as a way to work more openly, connect with their communities and engage in current events.

However, impartiality in the public service is paramount and it is important to remember our obligations as employees. Is it enough to say that "your views are your own" or that "retweets don't equal endorsement?" Join us as we explore best practices for navigating social media in a Government of Canada context.

Opening remarks

Tim Pettipas, Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, Public Service Renewal, Privy Council Office


  • Vanessa Vermette, Director General, Communications and Engagement, Canada School of Public Service
  • Brenna Maher, Director, Digital Communications Coordination, Privy Council Office
  • Justin Mathews, Digital Communications Lead, Public Service Renewal Secretariat, Privy Council
  • Pat Breton, Director General, Enterprise Transformation, Shared Services Canada

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