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Put Storytelling to Work


Today's public service needs people who can drive change, connect with others and express complex ideas using plain language – it needs storytellers!

The Canada School of Public Service is pleased to welcome back communication expert Richard Newman for a second virtual learning event on storytelling. Using proven methods from journalism, psychology and research on human behaviour, Richard's strategies can help us to become more effective and influential speakers and writers in a range of formal and informal communication situations at work.

Join us to:

  • Discover 5 techniques you can apply in any situation to make complex messages clear, concise and compelling
  • Make your project, initiative, data and ideas come to life so that your audience stays engaged and understands your message
  • See many of these concepts demonstrated in real-world examples

Richard Newman is the founder and CEO of the communication consulting and training company UK Body Talk: The Science of Communication. He is also the author of You Were Born to Speak.

This is an interactive session. Come prepared to take notes and engage with Richard and other learners to make the most of this learning experience.

Opening and closing remarks

Sabrina Andee, Director, Defence and Immigration, International Affairs, Security and Justice Sector


Richard Newman

Richard Newman, Founder and CEO, UK Body Talk: The Science of Communication

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