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The Trust Series: The Evolving Roles of Public Institutions


If trust in public institutions is to remain a pillar of democracy, how can we work across sectors to address its fragility? What does it mean for public servants as they develop programs and policies, and deliver services to Canadians in these challenging circumstances?

According to the 2021 Canadian Edelman Trust Barometer, the trust bubble that emerged in the spring of 2020 has burst. Businesses, governments and NGOs ended up giving back most (if not all) of the gains they saw. Although public trust towards governments has declined in the recent months, it remains the most trusted institution in Canada.

In this third event in the Trust Series, the Canada School of Public Service welcomes back Lisa Kimmel of Edelman Canada to present the latest findings of the Edelman Trust Barometer concerning Canadians' trust in public institutions.

The session will provide a snapshot of how the trust landscape has changed since Lisa Kimmel joined us last fall. It will also look at the continued impact of COVID-19 on public trust as it continues to disrupt the lives of people in Canada and across the globe, and at the steps institutions can take to regain and maintain a healthy trust ecosystem.

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Lisa Kimmel, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Edelman Canada

Opening remarks

Margaret Meroni, Vice-President, Canada School of Public Service


John Medcof, Director General, Transferable Skills, Canada School of Public Service

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