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The Trust Series: The Role of the Public Service in Building and Promoting Trust


Upholding the public's trust in democratic institutions has long been a pillar of the public service in Canada. But in an age of disinformation, where a single tweet has the potential to undermine an urgent health directive or call into question the results of an election, governments around the world face new challenges in safeguarding this trust.  

This second event in the Trust Series features leaders from the Privy Council Office and the Department of Canadian Heritage, both at the forefront of some of the most critical disinformation and misinformation work taking place in government today.

The session will provide a snapshot of the main challenges related to disinformation and how the government is working to support democracy and improve social cohesion. It will also highlight the work of the Digital Citizen Initiative, which supports organizations across Canada in fostering a healthy information ecosystem. 

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  • Sarah Stinson, Director of Operations, Democratic Institutions Secretariat, Privy Council Office
  • Owen Ripley, Director General, Broadcasting, Copyright and Creative Marketplace, Canadian Heritage


Margaret Meroni, Vice-President, Canada School of Public Service

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